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The American capitalistic system has spawned a great variety of business ventures. Not all organizations follow the same business model. Just like individual people, businesses take on characteristics and values (a culture) that make them uni...

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Pulling the Trigger

Buying a home is one of life’s major decisions. It’s different than buying a television or even a car. Every homebuyer approaches the decision with some mixed feelings and some trepidation. Is this one the best choice? Can we really aff...

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The aging process is something we all have in common. Having had an Elder Law practice in Fort Wayne for many years, I was an interested observer of the aging process of my clients. Today the Boeglin Team works with many clients who are faced...

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About 5 years ago I wrote a blog entitled “Leading Economic Indicators”. Having an undergraduate degree in Economics from IU, I felt qualified to make an economic forecast. Real economists look at statistics such as average weekly hours w...

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