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Jim’s Book – The Bike Writer

Hello Subscribers … Jim and I have had many inquiries from clients, friends, and realtors about the status of Jim’s blogs. They have been largely absent from the Internet for the past year. There is a reason for Jim’s lack of blogging, as he has been busily writing his first book, THE BIKE WRITER.
The book describes Jim’s journey and the insights he has gained through almost 70 years of biking. If you have enjoyed his blogs, you may enjoy reading his book.
The Bike Writer has been published by Archway Publishing, an arm of Simon & Schuster, and is available online as a paperback (11.99) or e-book (3.99) on Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble. Please feel free to order the book by clicking on the links above. Think of it as an opportunity to support this starving new author! … Jan