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The clock of the summer of 2015 is ticking down. On May 25th (Memorial Day) we remembered and honored our military personnel, past and present, who have defended our freedoms for more than 239 years; on July 4th we celebrated the birth of our country so many years ago; and now, September 7th, we appreciate and honor American workers, past and present.

American workers include tradesmen, medical professionals, scientists, teachers, firemen, policemen, machinists, soldiers, sailors, truck drivers, attorneys, barbers, pilots, lawn maintenance workers, factory workers, government personnel, secretaries, computer technicians, home builders, engineers, architects, realtors, bankers, salesmen, food servers, taxi drivers, therapists, and everyone else who has contributed to the American Dream.

To me, Labor Day is a day of bringing together Americans of all sizes, shapes, colors, religious beliefs, nationalities, and economic circumstances with a common denominator. We are, or have been, the workers who built this great nation. We honor each other today. Congratulate each other, and have a happy Labor Day!