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Pulling the Trigger

Buying a home is one of life’s major decisions. It’s different than buying a television or even a car. Every homebuyer approaches the decision with some mixed feelings and some trepidation. Is this one the best choice? Can we really afford it? How much are we willing to pay? Will a better option magically appear tomorrow? What if market values go down in the future? Will we be happy living here? What are the people like around here? Is this a safe neighborhood?

Buying a home requires knowledge, confidence, commitment, and willingness to take a risk!

Jan and I have been working with homebuyers in Southwest Florida since 2003. Some of them have bought and sold several times during our tenure. Many people have been vacationing here for years, and would really like to own a home in our area. For some, it is a second home; for others, it is a permanent move from a colder climate.

Attitudes of buyers run the entire spectrum from confident, positive and decisive to fearful and second-guessing their decisions. A few “buyers” have been unable to “pull the trigger” by making a written offer on the home they think they want. The agony of the decision is simply too great. In effect, a non-decision is a decision.

We have been involved in more than 300 residential transactions ranging from less than $100,000 to more than $2,000,000. The decision process is similar, no matter how many zeroes are involved. It can be painful to observe the struggle that some potential homebuyers go through. It can be satisfying to see someone work through their trepidation and proceed with the purchase of that dream home.

As Realtors we can only be informative and supportive of the decision process of each unique homebuyer. Our role is not to push or cajole anyone into making a decision before it’s time. It is simply too big a decision to be “talked into” by a sales person.